Hyperparathyroidism may lead to osteoporosis

Patient: If my parathyrod hormone level is high and my calcium level is high in my blood should I be taking calcium? One of my gland is not working right and one of the side effects is ostioparoses and it runs in my family so I want to do evrything possible to help my condition. Can you advise my if it is a good idea to let this go for a year since my doctor only wants to take blood test every three months for a year. Is there anything I can take to bind the calcium in my bloodThanks

Doctor: Primary hyperparathyroidism may present with a high calcium level, low phosphate level and a high or normal parathyroid hormone level. Parathyroid hormone excess results in calcium being leached from body stores mainly in the bone, and entering the bloodstream raising blood levels. This may result in the bone becoming weak and demineralised leading to osteoporosis. Calcium may also be deposited in the kidney resulting in impairment of kidney function and the formation of calcium rich kidney stones. The definitive treatment for hyperparathyroidism is surgery to remove the parathyroid glands however there is great debate whether treatment should be surgical or conservative i.e. watch and wait approach. The recent guidelines suggest surgery should be performed if: Serum calcium > 0.25mmol/L; reduced kidney function defined as creatinine clearance