Hyperpigmentation, burns and redness resulting from the use sona adapalene gel, what to use?

Patient: I have almost 19 years and very white skin tone and red spots as a result of acne, so it’s my dermatologist prescribed sona gel at nightthat just made ​​worse, the whole face is red sore and looks almost like burns, burns are not caused by the sun but as a result of sona gel becouse i didn’t go to sun, so my dermatologist prescribed sona gel for hyperpigmentation other than the treatment of acne, what he did not say me that Sona gel using just a couple of hours and not every night, and now sona gel almost burn my face, goat’s many red tightens and looks almost like a sunburn, so I went to another dermatologist who prescribed me acidi borici 3 % wather and Ethiol mix, but there are no results continue to face is really red and sore, a little dandruff and skin looks terribly bad almost like a burn. So …. what do i use now to calm inflammation and redness that is the consequence of the gel, to go back to the old stuff?And what do I use to fix after hyperpigmentation caused by acne? , please something that will quickly solve the problem, what is the best ? do not expect anything for a day, but something that will considerably fix things out for a week or two … So what do I use now to fix This redness and burns caused by sona gel?

Symptoms: redness and burns resulting from the use of sona gel adapalen gel or whatever, what to use to calm inflammation and redness? ,
and hyperpigmentation caused by acne , what is best to use what is the most effective and what will be the fastest to fix this problem as I really don’t have a lot of time, not expect significant results over night but something that would improve things for 3-4 weeks or a month? thank you