Hypertension & Reflux Disease

Patient: I am 41 with a height of 5.4 and normal body physic. Belly slight out than the normal with a Cholesterol level of 139 and LDL 34. I never smoke. My mom was diabetic and hypertensive, but whole of my family 4 brothers and 2 sisters none of them have the blood pressure or diabetes, even my father is very healthy at the age of 72.I am having BP in the range of 140/90 or sometimes 140/100 Dr. advised me to take ARB’s with 16mg/day but that resulted in side effects of leg muscles weakness and pain then he switched me to ACE inhibitors, that resulted the same side effects. Now he put me on Amlodipine 5mg/day, Blood pressure is controlledBut my question is if the cholesterol is in normal range (slightly raised) and LDL as well just 1 point down with non-smoking history why is it happening to meMy ECG and ETT tests are normal. Is there any need to go for some more laboratory tests instead of taking these blood pressure medicines for the whole life so i can rule out the exact problem

Symptoms: Food Stuck in Throat feeling, Early Morning Fatigue & Pain in Legs, Heart Beat Raised sometimes