Hypertension and anticonvulsant medications

Patient: Dear Doctor, My father 62 Years Age is Healthy Person By the grace of God. But there were indications of hypertension since 2 years. But he refuse to take treatment. So, Before One year He got more than 200 100 BP and there was brain haemorrge and light bleed. He was treated last year. Becomes normal. But that time he face problems some problems like sleeplessness, stomach ulcers, throat pain etc. But all of them were out now and very well. Till before 2 months, doctor used phenytoin 100 mg for brain stroke. ENAM 2.5 – ENALAPRIL MALEATE – For B.P. Until that time blood pressure was under control. But since 2 months doctor prescribe Tegrital CR 200. But from that time BP is out of control. Somany times BP go for 180 100 to 200 110. But the doctor is continueing the same medicine Tegrital CR 200 along with ENAM 5 – ENALAPRIL MALEATE. Still BP is out of control. Please suggest what to do? Thanking you, ALIBABA1270


Doctor: Tegretol (Carbemazepine) an anticonvulsant medication is not documented to interact with ACE inhibitor medications (Enal april). Side effects of Tegretol on the cardiovascular system include heart block, conduction disturbances, low blood pressure, and a slowed heart rate, however these are rarely reported. I do not know why blood pressure control is not satisfactory on these medications. However if there were no previous problems with the anticonvulsant medication phenytoin, it is possible to considering switching to the previous medication. I would recommend discussing this option with your family physician, and in addition an electrical trace of the heart (ECG), to exclude any of the above heart conduction abnormalities.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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