Hypertension and High Altitude Utrarunning

Patient: I am a 37 year old marathon running female. Hypertension runs in my family. I have just begun medication to treat my hypertention. I have also begun ultrarunning at altitude. What sort of precautions do I need to take? Ultrarunners ussually take salt tablets and I was unsure if I should given my condition.

Doctor: Ideally in hypertension one does want to control on salt intake. Thus i would highly advice you not to take the salt tab lets as i am unaware as to how they would affect your blood pressure readings. I would also advice you to increase your ultra running at altitude gradually so that your body can get used and accustomed to the same . Maintain a healthy diet full of greens and fruits and avoid prepackaged or canned foods as they are high in salt. I hope this helps.