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Hypo and hypertention? 149/59

Patient: Hi I’m a 27 year old female whos athletic and eats well. I had a blood pressure of 149/59 and heart rate of 50 at the dentist the other day. I have symptoms of low blood pressure sometimes but how can i be hypo and hypertension and what should i do?


Symptoms: fatigue, lightheaded upon standing or randomly, heart beat races randomly

Doctor: Thank you for your questions. Fluctuations in blood pressure between hypo- and hypertension can be caused by different e tioligies. One of the possibilities is due to hormonal fluctuations such as in thyroid hormone. Certain medications can cause fluctuations in blood pressure such as Lithium. Lithium can cause a condition called neuroleptic malignant syndrome, wherein fluctuations in blood pressure is a symptom. we recommend that you have your doctor evaluate you for any of these possible causes for your changes in blood pressure.Thank you for choosing


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Patient: I did not mention that my abnormal blood pressure changes have been occurring for a couple years now so luckily neuroleptic malignant syndrome is not the case. Today my blood pressure was 120/68 then two hrs later 108/60 accompanied by fatigue and lightheadedness. I’m having a full blood panel done including t3 and t4 so hopefully that brings some answers!


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