Hypothyroidism during Pregnancy (5th week)

Patient: Hi, This is Anjana regarding hypothyroidism during pregnancy. I’m pregnant with 5 weeks and had hyperthyroid earlier. Since my T3, T4 and TSH values were normal, stopped the medicine (NeoMercazole) 3 months before. After knowing that I’m pregnant, checked those values again. T3 and T4 is normal but TSH is 6.0 μlU/mL. Are there any problems in this? My doctor told me to take Eltroxin 50mg since it is hypothyroid. Can you please suggest here?

Symptoms: TSH value 6.0 μlU/mL during pregnancy (5th week)

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.During pregnancy requirement of thyroid hormones will increase .Possibly because of that you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism.You can start eltroxin as adviced by your doctor.And you need to check the thyroid profile in every two to three months, to adjust the dose accordingly.Take care.