Hysterolaparoscopy and Ovarian Drilling

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am 26 years old female and i had PCOS in Ovaries.I had irregular period issue before.I had Hysterolaparoscopy and ovarian drilling on 9th August 2014.There is no blockage in tubes and Doctor had informed that i should get my periods normally after a month and i have not got my periods yet.I would like to know is it normal or i need to wait for some more days?.

Doctor: Laparoscopic ovarian drilling is often recommended to patients with PCOS as a means of regularising their periods. Prolo nged periods of amenorrhea (absent menses) are typical of PCOS and is the result of the absence of ovulation.Ovarian drilling works by breaking through the thick outer surface and lowering the amount of testosterone made by the ovaries. This can help the ovaries release an egg each month and start regular monthly menstrual cycles. This may also make it easier to get pregnant.However in some women with PCOS, ovarian drilling will not fix the problems with irregular periods and ovulation, even temporarily. This maybe the reason in your case as well. You could discuss these problems with your doctor as there is a possibility that you could respond to fertility medicines after the ovarian drilling inspite of not getting regular periods. Since you are trying to conceive, it is best that you undergo a controlled ovarian stimulation cycle with fertility medicines.