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I accidentally left a tampon in for approximately 2-3 days

Patient: I accidentally left a tampon in for approximately 2-3 days while using additional tampons because the string of the initial tampon had ripped off. Once I realized my mistake and removed both tampons and reinserted my Nuvaring, my Nuvaring does not want to stay in place as usual and I can feel a fleshy lump near the top of my vaginal canal. I have been using Nuvaring for nearly 2 years and have never felt this before so I am a bit concerned.. Is it possible that my cervix lowered itself because of the additional tampon? The tampon came out intact, so I doubt that is what I am feeling. Do I need to schedule an exam with my gynecologist?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you have been using NUVA RING since last 2 years comfortably then the present usage of the same shouldn’t be causing any problem at all unless it has been poorly placed intra-vaginally around the cervix.There is no likelihood that the cervical length would have increased because of already pre inserted tampon 2-3 days earlier. As the length of forgotten tampon was just 2-3 days and there was no foul smell or infection seen on removal or any pain in the vaginal region, the cause of lump in anterior vaginal wall post nova ring insertion is only likely to be due to poor placement of the same.If you still have a perception that there is an elongation of cervix then you may get a gynaecological examination done to allay your anxiety.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: I’m just confused why I would be feeling this abnormality when I have been inserting my Nuvaring the exact same way every time..

Doctor: Hello,
As i said that the possibility is of wrong placement or that of a different size. You may remove it and reposit it again or If the NuvaRing feels uncomfortable, you may not have pushed the ring into your vagina far enough. Use your finger to gently push the NuvaRing as far as you can into your vagina. Rest assured that once inserted into the vagina, there is no danger of NuvaRing being pushed too far up or getting lost.


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