I accidentally picked what felt like a pimple on my

Patient: I accidentally picked what felt like a pimple on my head and after bleeding a bit it scabbed over. I took a picture of it and now I’m concerned it wasn’t just a pimple. Should I get this checked out for skim cancer, give it some time, or not worry? Should I out anything on it? I only noticed the spot a few days ago.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you have picked on the bump which you presumed to be a pimpl e and popped it out. If there was a sebaceous material which came out then it was a folliculitis or acne and some amount of bleeding can be seen post popping if it has been a large bump.Scabbing generally occurs after that and is a natural process of healing after the stoppage of bleeding. It is suggested though if you could attach a photograph of the same, it would be better to diagnose and opinion on it. If it is not painful or itchy anymore and the blood has stopped then you may wait for a few days and if the lesion increases in size then you may visit your physician for a local examination and evaluation.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: I tried to upload a photo the first time but it did not appear and now I don’t have the option.

Doctor: Anyhow in that case you should wait for the lesion to heal for few days and this is unlikely to be a skin cancer as scalp is the most unlikely site but nevertheless get yourself reviewed with a dermatologist after few days if the lesion doesn’t heal at all.

Patient: Image has been sent through email.

Doctor: i got the image and have seen it . This is follicles and i can see the hair coming out of it. The redness is due to the scratching which you have done and the granulation tissue can be seen. Its not skin cancer. you can just apply a local soframycin ointment for 3 days and the lesion should heal. Regards

Patient: Thanks for your help.

Doctor: The pleasure is all ours. Please do follow up.