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I accidentally started my birth control pills early Thursday

Patient: I accidentally started my birth control pills early. Thursday instead of Sunday. I am in the 2nd day of my cycle. If I don’t want to change the start date of my next cycle should I continue taking the pill each day, wait till Sunday and take my Monday pill or wait and take my monday pill on Monday or start a new pack on Sunday?



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually birth control pills are advised to start during the me nstrual period to get protection for the total month.Mentioning one particular day is for remembrance only.Starting the pills on first or second day of the cycle is ideal than waiting for one particular day.So, if you are using pack containing 21 active pills with same dose of hormones in all the pills, you can continue with taking one pill daily at same time.Instead of days mentioned on pack, you follow your own order like Thursday first pill, Friday second pill and continue like that.In case of 21 pills pack, after completion of the pack, you can take one week break and can start new pack for continued contraceptive protection.Take care.



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Patient: My concern is not protection. I use the pills for regulation of my cycle. If don’t want to change when my next cycle will start (~Apr 14) what should I do? Will things stay the same if I Wait until Monday and take the pills as usual?
FYI- i take orthotricyclen 28 day pack. 21 active, 7 inactive pills

Doctor: Hi,
Thanks for the query.
I understand your concern.
Withdrawal bleeding is expected during the period of usage of inactive pills usually.
So, possibly you can get withdrawal bleeding in 2 to 7 days after completion of 21 active pills.
After that you can either start new pack immediately after 7 inactive pills or you can wait till first Sunday and can start.
Stopping the pills in the middle may lead to withdrawal bleeding, but as you are already in periods, if you stop the pills now there may not be any major change, you may just notice little bit change in menstrual flow.
So, if you want to wait till Monday, you can wait and start second pill on Monday and continue as one pill per day according to your previous schedule.
This can also helps in regularization of your cycles as usually menstrual cycle with length of 21 days to 35 days should be considered as normal only.
Take care.


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