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I always feel tense and think too much. Should I consult a psychiatrist?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello, I feel I am suffering from high-level of anxiety, stress and tension and this is creating a lot of problems in my life every day. Life has become very difficult with it. My mind is never quiet, thinking many things at a time. I feel heaviness in my head all the time, feel exhausted and helpless. I dont have anyone with whom I can talk all these problems. Being in tension makes me see everything in life in a negative way and this puts me in lots of stress. This is happening for last many years and now this problem has become a habit of mine. There is some tension all the time in my mind all the time and many times I am worried and tensed with no reason. I dont know why am I worried and tensed and this is what happens every day. I feel that I have many things sitting and running all the time in my subconscious mind and it never leaves me alone. I am very much tensed about it, stressed all the time, not able to concentrate in my work, or not able to concentrate in any thing I want to do. I feel relaxed only when I am with people, having fun with them and I forget things for a while, but just for a while. Even if I am with people and get some quiet time, m worried again unknown of the reason. My biggest problem is that I think a lot. I think about anything and everything in my life. Anything happens and I keep thinking about it for hours. Now the things have gone so worse that I think a lot for everything and create tension for things which are really not worth it and which i should be worried about. I just want to get rid of this thinking problem as it is creating all of the problems what I feel. Should I consult a psychiatrist? Please suggest me some solutions for my stress, tension and anxiety. Should i go for Meditation or related things. Will it help?? This is not something I though in a day... I am suffering from all this for last few years, but thought of solving it now because this has grown a lot and I know that in coming days i will face some serious health issues if I dont solve this problem soon. I have some family tensions too but I feel that is contributing very less. Its my habit of thinking which makes things looks problematic and I feel worried and tensed. Now, I feel that every tension in my life is interrelated, one helping other to grow. I have no idea how to stop this. Some times when I am tensed a lot or thinking a lot, I see some physical problems too, like bad stomach, trouble in breathing, feels like I will faint, afraid of sleeping as I get kind of electric shock the moment I get the sleep and I wake up immediately with very fast heartbeat. I am always having fast heart rate as I am thinking all the time about many things. I am having problem with my heart as it starts beating fast suddenly making me uncomfortable and uneasy, sweating sometimes. I had a medical test for this reason a few years ago where they did the Holter test and they told me that I have tachycardia. I am almost 27 now and the test was done when I was 24 years old. They told me that its not a problem for the young age like me but it will create problem if this continues and stays when I become almost 30. This heart beat problem has come down a little and I am not seeing it that frequent. But I am worried that if all these problems continue for long and will have severe problems once I cross 30s. I am bit emotion person too. Anything that happens with me which does not make me feel good or if I say something to someone that makes me regret later I keep thinking about it for days. I have done a lot of research on internet and found many things about it but really confused and worried dont know what to do. Please suggest how to stop this thinking problem. Because of all these problems I have made the habit of smoking. I have quit it many times, but when ever this tension comes, I feel like smoking which I doesnt really want to do. Please suggest.


You do have anxiety issues and you need to talk to a professional about this, a psychologist or psychiatrist. Try to schedule an appointment as soon as possible so interventions can be started promptly. You can also consider trying yoga or meditation techniques to help soothe your mind. Maintaining good sleeping habits will also help a lot with your condition. I would still say try to quit smoking and avoid caffeinated beverages (coffee, pop, tea) because this will increase your heart rate and heighten your anxiety. With your case, you should see your doctor again so you can be reassessed. Thyroid dysfunction can also cause symptoms of depression (feeling helpless), anxiety, etc. I do hope I have appeased your concern and take care always.

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