I am 100% sure I have fordyce spots, absolutely no doubt in my mind

Patient: Hi, I am 100% sure I have fordyce spots, absolutely no doubt in my mind, on the penis, lips and testicles. Words cannot describe how much I want them to go so please can you suggest an effective treatment for them. Also, how effective is surgical treatment and how expensive is it?

Doctor: Vaporizing laser treatments such as CO2 laser or electro desiccation have been used with some success in diminishing the appearance of this condition if they are of cosmetic concern, despite the fact that most doctors consider this a normal physiological phenomenon and advise against treatment. Success varies from patient to patient, but some have found relief from pulsed dye Lasers, a laser normally used to treat sebaceous gland hyperplasia which is similar to Fordyce spots. But, treatment with pulsed dye lasers is expensive and the cost varies from place to place. This method is less likely to scar than other methods. No treatment is required for oral Fordyce granules, except for cosmetic removal of labial lesions if you wish to. They usually do not recur after a surgical excision. Consult your Dermatologist for best advice.