I am 16 years old and have been experiencing very painful sex during and after.

Patient: I am 16 years old and have been experiencing very painful sex during and after. I get a tight burning feeling and i get a lot of deep pain. after intercourse i would notice a lot of lower pain and swelling. i have been to the doctors and they just advised me to drink more water which hasn’t helped. i get frequent kidney infections and cystitis. this pain has only occurred within the last 2 months and nothing seems to help as it is getting worse.

Symptoms: Swelling, burning pain inside, cystitis, discomfort, deep pain.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are many causes of the discomfort and pain during a sexual intercourse. Dry mucosal surface due to lack of vaginal secretions, hypersensitivity of vulva called vulvodynia, vaginismus or tightening of pelvic floor muscles, endometriosis, cervical fibroids, contraceptive pills side effects, vaginitis, cystitis etc.Get an examination done by a gynecologist to rule out these factors. Meanwhile, try deep breathing exercises before you attempt an intercourse. Practise floor exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles and to relax them as well.Also make sure there is a lot of time for foreplay before attempting the climax, this will allow natural lubrication and prevent dryness. The doctor may wish to start you on hormonal therapy as well.If it is due to vaginismus, then a serial dilatation under anaesthesia may be needed. An antibiotic therapy to cure your cystitis and other related infections may be needed. Meanwhile, continue to drink lots of water as it really helps in preventing urinary infections.Hope this helped.Regards,