I am 16 years old and i have high bp?

Patient: I am a 16 year old 5ft 8in 227 pounds and i recently started working out i worked out for 2 weeks and lost 10 pounds which brought me to 218 then one saturday i was playing a video game when i felt my heart racing. Then my mom has a bp machine so i checked my bp it was 145/85, but on friday it was 115/70 while resting. Now it has been a month and it has been bouncing from 130/80 to 140/80. Also i was taking protein shakes in water but not to much since i am young. SO i went to the heart doctor and they took pictures of my heart and said i was fine, but to make changes in diet and lose weight. And i said i lost 10 pounds then this happened. he did not really say anything. could it have been the weights i was lifting? Also my vitamin d was low the last time i checked so? PLease help i am tired of high bp i am not that active but when i thought i’d start i did not think i would lose 10 pounds then get high bp. PLEASE HELP!!

Symptoms: High bp

Doctor: Hello,Thank you posting your query on ATD.I understood that you are a 16 years obese boy and worried about high bloo d pressure.The normal BP measurement is considered normal when reading shows 120 systolic and 80 diastolic. But to label one as hypertensive, one should have BP of 140/90 and above. To confirm diagnosis 2 or 3 readings are taken on different days and it has to show higher BP reading.Diastolic readings are more important. If these are normal 80 as in your case; there is nothing to worry about. Systolic BP may show slight variations that are acceptable.It is important to know that due to exercise BP is raised in normal persons also. BP should be measured in resting time. BP readings by doctor are more authentic.So, for now you need not worry about high BP. Concentrate on reducing weight.