October 21, 2018

I am 18 years old having brown discharge

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Patient: I am 18 years old and around the time of my regular period, the friday before i was suppose to start i started having brown discharge for about 3 days, that following monday i bleed but only enough for one tampon then stopped throughout the day. that tuesday and wednesday i bleed, but not as much as i usually do during my menstrual cycle and it stopped after wednesday. tuesday it was somewhat heavy but not as heavy as it usually is and that was it for it being heavy. i felt that it was irregular for my period. that thursday i continuted to have brown discharge for about 2 1/2 days. then all this ended with a slight yellowish pink discharge when i wiped that saturday morning. since then ive just had normal discharge i guess you could call it.. but that thursday afternoon i took a at homepregnancy test and it said negative. throughout those days from the start of all this ive felt nauseous, headaches, backaches, cramps(but not as bad as they are on my period), sore breast(to wear my bra was unpleasant to wear), and here recently ive realized ive been peeing a little more than usual. also, i had little tiny itchy bumps on my stomach. i have had unprotected sex. im still to this day having cramps and feeling a little nauseated. my breast are still sore but not as bad at first, but still sore and still getting little backaches. this all started about friday march 13 and today is monday march 23. my last period was feb 8-11th. if it helps any, i was sexually active all valentines weekend and a little until this has happened. im on birth control but havent taken it since a day or so before valentines weekend. What could this be? i need to know please! if anyone can help or share their problems that are similar please let me know. could i possibly be pregnant or what? thank you!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,It is understood from the history that you regular menses should have started o n 13th march but you have experienced only light bleeding in form of brown discharge which has not increased over the week. Even as of 23rd March, the bleeding is absent, hence it is required that a urine pregnancy test may be done to rule out pregnancy first.If the test is negative then you can safely want for your menses to return in full flow as the symptoms that you are experiencing are those of premenstrual syndrome or PMS which in absence of pregnancy shall indicate that your menses shall start in few days. For the spasms and dysmenorrhoea you may take an NSAID and practice hot fomentation for sore breasts, it shall be helpful.I Hope i have answered your query in detail,Regards

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