I am 2-3 weeks pregnant and had a CAT scan, Xray and ultrasound, is this harmful to the baby?

Patient: I have had 2 cat scans, 3 ultrasounds and 3 xrays in the last month. I think that I might be about 2-3 weeks pregnant. I know that any radiation is not good for the baby but when asked if I thought I was pregnant, I said no because I am young and no one knows I am sexually active. My question is, would they have seen the early pregnancy on the cat scans, xrays and ultra sounds?

Symptoms: Tender sore heavy breasts
Dark enlarged nipples
Vaginal discharge

Doctor: Thank you for your query.You don’t have to worry. At 2-3 weeks of gestation, it is not visible on the ultrasoun d scan. But when people are planning to conceive or not using birth control pills or any sort of contraception in spite of being active sexually should avoid radiation of CAT & X rays. There may be harmful to be developing embryo (very early pregnancy) or the fetus.Hope that answers your queries.Have a good day.