I am 20 and having pains for the last 2 weeks

Patient: Hi, i am 20 years old. I have been currently struggling with pains for the last two weeks.. the pains are located in my pelvic/ovarie area. And runs into my lower back. Sometimes when this pain occurs really bad, i get the pain in the middle of my stomach. I am quiet worried and hoping to have kids one day, so really hopeing it isnt endometriosis or something like that. At the same time i suffer from real bad bowel movements, i sometimes sturuggle to do 1s and 2s!! Because it hurts. Please help? :(Caitlin.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Here are a few causes for your symptoms:Pelvic inflammatory diseaseUTITraumaGeni tal infectionsGastroenteritisYou need to talk to a Doctor. The Doctor will help you by getting an Ultrasound. The Ultrasound will help you to reach a diagnosis. Post this, the Doctor will treat you as appropriate. Please tell the Doctor that you would like kids and to plan the treatment accordingly.It is possible that these diseases cause infertility so you should see a Doctor as soon as possible to get treated. All the best.