I am 21 old female I have done CBC My WBC

Patient: I am 21 old female. I have done CBC.My WBC was 3.6 , RBC was 3.89, HGB was 11.5 , HCT was 33.4 , MCV was 85.9 , MCH was 29.6 and my MCHC was 34.4 . I would like to know your analysis and diagnosis of my results ,please .

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern. It’s difficult to just comment on the reports without k nowing the clinical symptoms. Your report is suggestive of iron deficiency anemia. The cause needs to be treated so that the anemia doesn’t reoccur again. So, just see if you have any bleeding from any site of the body like piles, excessive bleeding in periods or anything like that. You would require to get evaluated. I advise you to get Iron studies, Stool for occult blood, Ultrasound abdomen done.Avoid any pain killers, alcohol consumption. I would appreciate if I could get your detailed history to help you in a better way.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy