I am 21 year old maleand had been a heavy

Patient: I am 21 year old male.and had been a heavy alcohol user.Symptoms:1.pale or clay colour greasy floating stool2.pain near and below right ribcage3.weakness4.mental fogginess5. 2.6mgs/dl sr.bilirubin(total)Test done:Liver function test,haematology test,and blood biochemistry normal except increased bile.Ultrasogram also came normal.Please help

Symptoms: Pale greasy floating stools, weakness,mental fogginess ,

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You have liver disease maybe because of drinking. This is shown in the Liver function te st report. You have not written about the ALT/AST/SGOT/SGPT results but I expect them to be changed. Stop drinking right away and see a Doctor to confirm the diagnosis. All the best.Hope this helps you.

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Patient: My Liver test:
S.A.P: 75IU/L
S.G.O.T: 38 IU/L
S.G.P.T: 40 IU/L
All within normal range and impression of ultra sonogram is also normal.
Thank you for your response.