I am 21yrs old In my blood test there is increase in platelet.

Patient: I am tanay, 21yrs old. In my blood test there is increase in P-lcr-70.9,PDW-23.3,and MPV-15.1. And my platelet counts is normal and also RBC is normal. And hemoglobin is also normal. So I request you to plz tel me if there is risk.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.PDW expresses the average size of th e platelets are same, whereas MPV denotes more about the shape of platelets. If all other blood parameters are normal, it can be ignored. It can sometimes happen due to platelet clumping while preparing the smear.There is no need of further testing, you can repeat the test after 3 months. If the values are found to be abnormal again, a detailed evaluation will be necessary including:Tests for inflammatory conditions such as CRP, ESR or tests for autoantibodies that target platelets• Tests for infectious diseases including bacteria and viruses• Tests for bleeding disorders such as PT, PTT, fibrinogen• Tests for kidney failure• Iron studies or vitamin B12 and folate levels• Tests for liver disease• In unexplained, serious cases, a bone marrow biopsy.Management can be based on the reports.Hope this was helpful.Regards