I am 23 year old female I have masturbated since

Patient: I am 23 year old female. I have masturbated since a young age. I have problems with bloating and my digestive system all the time. Regardless of my diet. I have had my gallbladder removed. I have had a c section. I typically will masturbate once a day, with 2 orgasms. But the reason why is what puzzles me. I do it to help the bloating and uneasiness of my digestive system, not really for sexual reasons. Laying on my stomach while doing it and contracting my abdominal muscles and breathing a certain way really helps, especially during orgasm. When I am laying on my stomach you can just hear and feel the gurgliness in my digestive system and there is an odd type of pain that sort of feels good. I have sometimes layed on a towel to press on the uneasy feeling parts. I do have the mirena IUD in and do not have periods. Sometimes after doing this though I will start bleeding alot vaginally. I dont know if that is because I am pushing too hard on something or not. But pushing on it feels good/and slightly painful, but it feels like im easing the gas out (but not by burp or flatulence) Just easing it away. So what could be the reasoning for this? Is it the masturbation that is causing the uneasy digestive system? because at this point the main reason I do it is to help with my stomach issues.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.The discomfort caused by flatulence, bloating and indigestion may be because of the abse nce of gallbladder, which plays a very important role in digestion. A high fiber and low-fat diet is recommended to individuals after gallbladder removal. You will get much comfort by taking small but frequent meals instead of heavy food intake at one go. Masturbation normally should not cause bleeding, unless done too forcefully. You should get yourself examined by a doctor?GP for the digestive problems, and if needed, a gastroenterologist referral may be sought, if your GP may so requires. Once the stomach problem is solved, you should get the much sought after relief! Hope this helps.