I am 25 I have back pain from 3 years This

Patient: I am 25.I have back pain from 3 years. This was caused due to my gym activity of weight lifting.First i thought it was a normal pain. But this chronic pain led me to have MRI scan of my lumber spine.Some major findings of my report are as follows:L5/S1 disc small posterocentral broad herniation seen mildly impinging ventral thecal sac.L4/L5 disc mild diffuse bulges seen indenting thecal sac.So can you please explain me about the problem i am having on my spine?Till what age does human bone grows?Are these discs recoverable as my age is not too old?Please tell me about the present situation of my lumber spine and future situation i have to face?Please tell me about all the do’s and dont’s i should take care of?

Symptoms: Lower back pain