I am 31yrs old, female not sexually active, I have

Patient: I am 31yrs old, female not sexually active, I have recently been diagnose with lichen scelerous. My concern is i have pap smear normal Aug 2015, however my outter and inner labia feel dry and my inner labia a small. When exercise both labia dry and sometime bleed. 1. Recently had bumb inner but high on the pubic bone i sqeeze it and nothing came out about later it was bleeding and i squeeze it again and pimple come out, but spot where it came out feel hard. 2. I have never been to gyn just a basic family doctor. I am not sexually active but I am having some problem that when go to my family doctor its just look over nothing get resolve. And iam getting nervous and thinking case sencrio, what test are out their to check for fibriod, cysts, vulva cancer, biobsy for moles in private are?3. I have a period every month clockwork, but I don’t ovulate?3. Do I have be pregant to see gyn?

Symptoms: Slight pain and burning, a weird nerve sensation, sometime bowel movement when don’t need to bathroom.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,I feel that the bump you had over your pubic region was folliculit is and as there was a pimple which came out of it which was out in nature, confirms the diagnosis. It heals with fibrosis and hence you were able to feel a hard area at the time of its healing. This shall resolve on its own in few weeks , so no need to worry in this regard.Secondly your concern about dryness in the labial region during exercise is normal as bartholin gland secretions are poured in the vestibular area inside the introitus which are responsible for moisture. Again frictional injury with tighter undergarments during exercise can cause sores and bleeding locally. So avoid tighter undergarments during the exercise.Thirdly, considering that your menses have been regular but you are sure that you don’t ovulate needs to be investigated with a hormonal profile to check for androgenic status and PCOS with an ultrasound pelvis which are commonly associated with anovulation in reproductive age group. You r concern about fibroids , cysts and vulval cancer is understood but there is no reason to suspect that but still you may undergo a ultrasound pelvis to look for any such accidental findings.I believe stress has been a part of you and hence hormonal imbalances during the cycle are playing their effects over you. So you need to relax and get yourself a routine gynaecological examination and you surely don;t have to be pregnant to meet one.I hope i have answered your queries,Wishing you good health,Regards