I am 32yrs women I hv small lump in my

Patient: I am 32yrs women .I hv small lump in my right breast . After checkup dr suggested me its of a fabroid lump. I hv gone through routine CBC tests it show lymphocyte count 46.92% and PDW 7.35% rest of the result shows normal value. I am worried about high lymphocyte count . I hv one 7 yrs son too.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of a small lump in the right breast and your Doctor says this to be a f ibroid. This is 100 % benign means NOT cancerous and never transforms into cancer. So if you have this in mind, just relax.Second point of importance is CBC showing lymphocytes of 46.92 % and PDW 7.35%.These are many reasons for this change and nothing is a serious condition.This actually indicates some chronic infection. Needs further clinical evaluation and investigations if suspected on clinical examination by your Doctor.Repeat these tests after 1 week and see if there is change or not.I hope this answer helps you.