I am 34 weeks pregnant and with the 5 th baby, Doctor said baby is low.

Patient: I am 34 weeks pregnant and with the 5 baby the dr say baby is low and they can feel his head but im not open my back has been hurting and now i feel nauseas is this normal?i have never had my water break either with any child or really went into labor without them inducing it.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.With progression of pregnancy the baby head can be descend in to the pelvis to some extent, that may not always indicate onset of labour pains.If descent of the baby head is progressing and if you get continuouspains that may be considered as onset of labour pains.Flase pains can be reduced by taking rest.Tocolytics can help in delaying labor pains.So, please discuss these things with your doctor and follow her advice.Take care.