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Patient: I am 34 years old.I used to drink a lot of alcohol and smoke but I have just stopped both 3 weeks ago,right now my tongue is very white when I wake up even after I brush and every time I urinate,it is always yellowish and foamy ( it has been like this for two years now ),my eyeballs too are very yellowish.I have done a lot of tests.Here are some of the results — HIV 1 and 2 – Negative,Hepatitis B Surface Ag – Negative,Hepatitis C Virus – Negative,Stool Macroscopy – no blood or mucus seen,Stool microscopy – no ova or cyst of parasite seen,Stool occult blood – negative,Creatinnine is 1.0,Urinalysis test says Glucose is Negative,Protein is trace* and another result from another lab test says protein is negative,blood – negative,bilirubin – negative,P.C.V – 40 and result from another lab test says P.C.V is 43,White Packed Cells – 4900 and another lab is 4.1,Urea* is 40,A/G ratio* – 0.9,Globulin* – 4.46,some of abdominal scan result is liver not enlarged,ivc,pv,cbd normal,normal parenchymal arcitecture,no obvious focal lesion,kidneys are normal,normal cortico-medullary differentiation,no stones or hydronephrosis,no supral-renal thickening evident,normal,smooth walled bladder,no debris,prostate is not enlarged,homogenous parenchyma,no pleural effusion.My fasting blood sugar/glucose test* came out with 94 and my blood pressure is always at 120/80*.Note : My dad is diabetic and hypertensive but he is 80 years old.My doctor said I should put all my worries that my kidney and liver are still okay and he prescribe me a capsule Essiantiale Forte 300 mg and to be drinking a lot of water but urine is still yellow and it is going to 3 years now of yellow urine,I do not feel healthy as I should used to be and I think am dying.I have not been placed on high blood pressure drugs at the moment.* means my doctor said they are off the limit.

Symptoms: Yellow and foamy urine.

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Read and understood your history and concerns.Read all the rep orts from various laboratories, your past habits which you have stopped 3 weeks ago, has yellow and foamy urine.Your Doctor is absolutely right, all the reports are either normal or are borderline.Please remember that the reports from different laboratories will always be different, important to know is whether the are in limits or not.Your *marked results are borderline and goes with the habit of drinking.- Creatinine is normal and urea is borderline – this happens in dehydration.- Urine protein once trace and another normal is not be worried about.- A/G ratio* – 0.9,Globulin* – 4.46 ; Because albumin must be less than globulin – this is the effect of alcohol on liver as the albumin is produced by the liver, this will improve gradually once you maintain your not-drinking status.- What is the normal level of fasting blood sugar level given by your laboratory? 94 looks normal or just borderline.- BP 120/80 is normal.- Urine bilirubin is negative-hence the yellow color is due to either high concentration, taking less water, or due to any medicines taken which has B-complex.Concentrated urine always will appear foamy- this being normal.Take more water orally that you are taking now and should solve all your problems.Recheck the blood and urine parameters after a few weeks, they will be improved.I hope this answers your queries.All the best for maintaining non-smoker and non-alcoholic status.

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Patient: Thanks for the reply which was a big belief but are there any fruits or something I can be taking because it gives me a lot worries anytime I pee and the water in the closet turns yellow and cloudy.My doctor only placed me on a lot of water,Essiantiale Forte 300 mg and maybe cranberry juice but am concerned because the drug is so cheap and am not sure it can work.Lastly,he also mentioned my immune system is very low from the PCV test results he read and I will like to know if there is anyway I can boost the immune system.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback and appreciation.
Cranberry is a good fruit, you are taking its juice, please continue it.
Essentiale forte 300 contains **B-complex and will make the urine and frothy. So do not worry about the yellow color or smell or froth.
Effects of the medicines has nothing to with the cost. So stop worrying about it.
Stopping of the alcohol and the smoking itself are going to be the best booster for your immunity. Your appetite and digestion will automatically improve, hence taking a full normal home-made food is the best.
No foods and beverages with preservatives- strictly no-no.
PCV is not indication of immunity.
Packed white cells are within normal limits.
Practically speaking you are in a good shape.You have to work on to get a better and the best possible.
Yes, the most important thing is that you have to start the mild form of exercises to start with and gradually to increase to the level of tolerance, this along with normal full diet will take care of everything.

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