I am 35 years old I got my tubes tied

Patient: I am 35 years old. I got my tubes tied when I had my 4th child via cesarean on 28/7/14. I got my period when I was 12 I was put on the pill for irregular periods. I have since tried a number of contraceptive pills with none of them having any success in having a regular period. I tried the rod but it went too deep so had to be removed that did stop my period for the short time I had it. I have tried the marina inserted by my gynaecologist at the time only to have it in for a week then lost its tail so that had to be removed. after all of that went back on the pill Longadon Ed not sure of spelling and still no regular period. what I mean by regular is by a normal period mine has never been normal I will bleed and spot basically for months with maybe a few days in between of no bleeding at all. sometimes I could have a normal 5 days bleed then a month later a period again but most of the time this is not the case. I have had CN3 which was burnt out by my gynaecologist at the time I think that was in 2006 maybe since then yearly Pap smears all coming back normal. I have had a termination I think it was in 2009. since having my tubes tied my “normal period” 6 weeks after having my last child was very very heavy nothing I’ve ever had before I would put a pad on stand up then it would be full. my doctor gave me a deprovera injection that did slow the bleeding but I was still bleeding and this continued for atleast another 3 weeks where I had had enough and the doctor gave me primalin tablets so I was taking them whilst i still had the injection in my system and the bleeding did stop for maybe one to two weeks although there was spotting in between. 3 months was up so I got the deprovera injection again bleeding stopped for a couple of days then there was spotting for another couple of weeks doctor gave me another tablet to try I forget the name but that actually stopped me from bleeding for 3 weeks. I have been to see a gynaecologist and he told me to come back in April when the deprovera had worn off (last injection December 2014) and to record my bleeding patterns. I had sex with my partner on the 27th January woke up next day with spotting that stopped but from 28th I am still bleeding. I really need someone’s help I am really getting so depressed of bleeding all the time I have obviously no sex life with my partner which really gets me upset as I feel so distant from him because I can’t be interment with him. I am very moody and snappy all the time I really just want this bleeding to stop. please is there anything you can do? thank you