November 18, 2018

I am 37 male was detected with Vitamin D Deficiency Level is only 8.

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Patient: Hi…I amm 37 male…was detected with Vitamin D Deficiency Level is only 8…..Doc gave me DV 60k once a week for twoo months…I also purchases Health-Vit’s CAL VITA a calcium & vitamin d supllement……Can i take them togeher,,…Plus although, I dont consume any meds for hypertension, my morning BP after waking up shoes around 130/90…Is there any relation

Symptoms: Weakness, Dry mouth, morning B)P 130/90

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Did you get your serum calcium levels checked too?You can take the supplements too, but we should check your calcium levels first.Also, how many times did you get BP of 130/90?Feel free to discuss further.

Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: No i havent go that done

Patient: should i do it first..also bp shows higher when i wake up

Doctor: Please check your BP 3 consecutive times within a span of 2 weeks and follow up.
Also yes please get your serum calcium levels checked.

Patient: 3 consecutive times on the same day or different days and what time of the day is going to be best for BP check

Doctor: No measure it over a period of one week. So may be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday preferably in the afternoon.

Patient: Sir attached are my reports…It shows calcium was done…Pls check and kindly advise….The random Sugar was a little elevated as I had the test done within 10 minutes of breakfast maybe

Doctor: Based on this calcium report you do not need the Calvita supplement separately.

Patient: Okay….Can I take a multivitamin regularly

Doctor: Yes of course you can take that.

Patient: my bp readings for 3 alternate days are as follows…
125/80(electronic bp machine) 127/83(electronic bp machine) 136/80 (traditional bp machine)

Doctor: Yeah it is fine.. Do not worry about it.

Patient: Ok…Thanks Sir….

Patient: Also sir,
1. For URIC acid levels do I need any medicines at this stage …
2 .I have also developed plantar fasciitis as per doctor…can you suggest any treatment

Doctor: Kindly initiate a new consult to consult the same specialist further as you have utilised macimum follow ups.

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