I am 38 years old and trying to conceive since

Patient: I am 38 years old and trying to conceive since feb 7. My last menstraul period was Feb 25. It was different in the sense that it was lighter enough not to full a pad twice a day. It lasted the normal 5 days. About 4 days after my period ended (feb 25 period) I had a tinge of red /pink blood in my cervical mucous a few times when I wiped. My next period is due March 24. On mar 17/18 had light spotting. As a precaution I wore a pad for a few days on mar 19 I was sitting down and the room was warm so I assumed I was sweating. When I got up about 1 hour later part of my skirt had blood on it I and I went to the bathroom my pad was soaked with blood and part of my under wear there was also a clot on the pad. I had not experienced cramping or pain during this time I cleaned up and put on another pad as this happened in the evening the new pad did not fill up just a little blood or subsequently the other pads for the next 2 days did not it was mostly when I wiped that I saw blood first red then brown. This evening mar 22 My lower back is hurting and I have slight cramps. Could I be pregnant? Or is is possible that my period just came early or is about to really start on March 24.