I am 43 years old I think I just had

Patient: I am 43 years old. I think I just had an asthma attack. I could not breath,and couldn’t catch my breathe. Now my arms and fingers are tingling and I feel somewhat confused and dizzy. Should I go to the hospital? I have had 2 TIA’s in the past, as well as suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Symptoms: Can’t catch breath, dizzy, confused and tingling in arms and hands

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.Thanks for trusting us for your health issues.There are two possibilities:1. Br onchial Asthma.2. Cardiac issues.Breathlessness in night which awakens you from sleep is usually a sign of Heart Failure and is called as Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea (PND).This PND required evaluation.I would advise in such scenario:1. Hemogram with ESR2. ECG3. Chest Xray4. Pulmonary Function Test5. ECHOIf cardiac issues are found you would be treated accordingly, else you will be treated for asthma.Your doctor would evaluate you clinically. If you don’t have severe chest congestion, he would treat you with anti-allergic drugs like Levocetrizine and Montelukast. He may add deriphylline or doxophylline for the chest spasms.If your chest congestion is very severe and there are wheezes and rhonchi’s, then inhalers containing bronchi dilators like Salbutamol would be required.You might also require short dose of Steroid inhaler like Budesonide.Share my opinion with your doctor before acting upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy