I am 45 yrs old and had a tubal ligation

Patient: I am 45 yrs old and had a tubal ligation done 17 yrs ago, during feb. of this yr I suspected a pregnancy, I had missed a couple of periods, gained a little weight and my breasts had gotten much larger, then I started spotting and having sharp pains in my lower right abdominal region, shortly after this I started having what I thought was a menstrual cycle, but it was a great deal more painful than normal and there was a lot of blood and some very large clots, when I got in the shower I had a gush of blood and clots come running down my legs, this has happened twice, the first time was about 5 yrs ago. I am really concerned that I am having miscarriages, is this something I should seek medical help about, and if so can I get a tubal reversal as opposed to sealing them off again.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possibility of pregnancy after 17 years of tubectomy is rare.According to your description you may be having irregular periods due to perimenopausal gonadal hormonal imbalance or due to other causes like thyroid hormonal imbalance, diabetes, coagulation abnormalities etc.As you had excessive blood flow with clots, better to get evaluated.By clinical examination and by investigations like ultrasound, complete blood picture, blood sugar levels estimation, gonadal and thyroid hormonal profile etc, the possible cause of your problem can be identified and treated.Take care.