I am 49 have had neck problems over 38 years

Patient: I am 49 have had neck problems over 38 years . It started with sharp stabbing pain when I would turn head this lasted throughout my childhood and teens and then stopped…. when I was mid 20 and bent down to take out garbage and turned head and got the pain again ( neck)but this time it didn’t go away after a few Seconds like it used to this time the pain lasted for several days it got better but by this time I started getting almost daily headaches and could sense almost a grinding sensation when I turned neck I started seeing chiro for the neck 20 some yrs it seemed to help but not completely the grinding never went away and always had on and of pain and stiffness I stopped seeing a chiro for awhile and started back about 2 years ago but I felt like I wasn’t improving at all so haven’t been to one since August 2014… on Nov 2013 I started getting a slight pain in my left arm which over the next 16 months has gotten gradually worse as far as pain intensity the pain has however been a constant 24 7 pain since Nov 2013 over the past 7 or 8 months have been getting worse neck and mid back and shoulder pain That is always painful on some level .I should mention 2 different chiropractors told me I have cervical degenerative disease as well as mild scoliosis. I have fallen off 2 horses first time at 10 or 11 next was at 21 years of age didn’t go to doctor for either fall.. .I have had x-rays taken of my arm and back and the first doctor had no answer and said could be many different things and gave me rx and sent me to ortho dr this doc addressed arm pain only and x-rays showed nothing but said it could be arthritis he did nothing more. Went to another doctor and this one said it wasn’t arthritis it was bursitis in the shoulder he didn’t feel the neck had anything to do with the arm pain gave me a shot in the arm for pain and rx for meloxicam and said I would be feeling much better in couple days that was in Dec 2014 never got better . Felt just as bad so went to an urgent care dr yesterday and he took neck and back x-rays and said my big breasts were causing all the pain I was having and should consider reduction surgery I am a 38 c when I first started having neck problems when I was 10 or 11 I had no breasts and was probably a 36 b when i was in my twenties I guess I don’t understand why I go to a different doctor and get a different diagnosis each time . I am going to a spine surgeon at my request and against the last doctors recommendation because he said my x-rays were normal and I didn’t have degeneration or scoliosis and that chiropractors just say that to get money .I am so disgusted and depressed and am in constant pain and no doctor is willing to give me any pain pills I don’t understand this do they all think I’m faking this ? I also have a crp level of 24 not 2.4 have seen a cardiovascular dr and did tests said heart was fine I mentioned this because of the inflammation didn’t know if this could mean anything. … any drug prescription I’ve tried motrin meloxicam tylenol3 muscle relaxes etc have done nothing to help with the pain

Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. As most o f your x-rays are normal so you need to get your test such as thyroid function test (T3, T4, and TSH) to know your thyroid status. Such unexplained pain can be caused by vitamin D deficiency so you can get your vitamin D level and if found low you can get vitamin D3. You can take analgesics such as ibuprofen for pain relief. Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.