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I am 49 years old My periods are irregular. I usually experience menstrual migraines.

Patient: I am 49 years old. My periods are irregular. I usually experience menstrual migranes. I had my left ovary completly removed 4 yeats ago. I am a Very Active Person ( lifting etc.) I Work Physically. This cycle was 12 days late, i had migranes, my body temp is low 95.8, i have a dull pain above my right ovary. My bleeding is weak and not steady. ( day on day off). I feel better with Ice and rest. I am worried its something seriuos. I had my gallbader and apdenix removed years ago.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There can be differences in the bleeding pattern when you are in the perimenopausal ag e group. Irregular cycles, heavy cycles, passage of clots and even scanty blood flow or no period for few months is also noted. It is suggestive of a preparatory change in the body and hormones to get into menopause.Since you do complain of the pain, we need to rule out causes like ovarian cyst, torsion, endometriosis, degenerative fibroids, adenomyosis, etc. It is recommended that you consult your gynaecologist personally and get an examination done. Also, an ultrasound examination of the abdomen and pelvis will be needed.Sometimes, no cause can be identified and this is treated by observation or hormone therapy. In case of a cause for the pain and bleeding, specific course of treatment will be suggested.There is no need to panic. Please get yourself evaluated.Hope this helps.Feel free to contact us for further information.Regards



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Patient: OK Thanks. Yes, it does help. I will see my gynecologist soon. When the Dr removed my left ovary years ago, she did observe endometriosis present..Probably that is contributing to the discomfort pain. Thanks Very Much. I sometimes worry a bit more than I should.

Doctor: Thanks for the reply.


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