I am 50 I had my tonsils removed as a

Patient: I am 50. I had my tonsils removed as a young child, spleen removed after trauma at 9, gallbladder and thyroid removed due to cysts. Doctors tend to deal with each issue, but now i just feel tired and weak all the time. Normal i feel well, i am a healthy weight, have low blood pressure and walk almost daily. But just feling drained. Any ideas, on the big picture of not having any of these organs?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I cannot connect all 4 organs together without more history and information, but I will explain the individual organs and their functions briefly.Tonsils – Lymph nodes or police of the throat. Fights bacteria from food and generally in the body as wellGall Bladder – Stores bile juice which allows digestion of fatThyroid – Responsible for the metabolism of the body. Can cause tiredness if not presentSpleen – removes bacteria in blood and kills old blood cellsThus, based on this, if you notice any connection to this and you symptoms, you can talk to a Doctor. Also, I hope that you are taking Thyroid hormone to help you.Hope this helps you. All the best.