I am 52 years old I am diabetic for almost

Patient: I am 52 years old I am diabetic for almost 12 years now . Recently I started experiencing the premature ejaculation while having sex. Though I am diabetic my blood sugar is kept under control with diet and exercise.My BP is slightly high ( 145/90) when checked last month and d I have not taken any medicine for that . Is this PE is due to diabetes or my BP and or I should take some medicine for this PE.Please advise and I am little bit worried about this disorder.RegardsKamal

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Diabetes and hypertension can both cause premature ejaculation and erection problems. W e cannot differentiate as to which one is the specific cause for it.You must aim to control of both diabetes and hypertension. There is no need to take any medicine for premature ejaculation at the beginning. It is most commonly due to stress or any emotional factor that could have recently set in. Lack of sleep, exertion, anxiety, excessive smoking, alcohol and masturbation could be the causes. Kindly see a surgeon for an examination and learn the techniques of controlling premature ejaculation. Using a dotted condom or customized condoms meant to delay ejaculation may also help.Hope this helped.Regards