I am a 14 year old boy and found bump on penis

Patient: Hello. I’m a 14 years old boy and I found some kind of little bump under my penis. It’s kind of shiny and it looks a little yellow-ish. I’m pretty sure it’s not a pimple though. This is going to sound really gross, but I think it appeared after a night that I masturbated. I think my penis was rubbing against my boxers and now there’s something there. But I read about something similiar to my situation and someone said it could be HPV. I really hope it’s not, because I had vaccinations for HPV just last month. And I’ve had this ‘bump’ for about a week.

Symptoms: Nothing. There is no pain or anything.

Doctor: Hello,if it is yellowish it should be a pustule ,but any pus possessing mass will have throbbing pain.pimples or sebac eous cysts can happen on penis because it has sebaceous glands and generally will have tight clothings around ,which will predispose to them .or it could be just a furuncle ,anyways to find out exactly what it is you have to consult a general physician or venerologist as the mentioned points about the swelling are not sufficient to conclude what it is.And generally any swelling in the body shouldn’t be treated without examination.in rare cases your HPV vaccine wouldn’t had been efficient i.e it could had got denaturated etc,so to rule out all these you have to consult the doctor.to avoid any such problem in future, maintain a thorough hygiene ,use antiseptic solution to wash your inner garments.Take care.