I am a 16 years old with stretch marks

Patient: Hello doctor, I am 16 years old and during the past year, I have been putting on wheight due to stress eating. The problem is, now my hips, my thights, my buttom and my breasts are all recovered with disgusting stretch marks. I can’t stand looking in the mirror anymore and It is getting worse as the time goes by. I am extremely unhappy and I am struggling daily with my body image since I have come to hate myself very deeply because of these ugly scars on my skin. I have tried to hydrate them with olive oil and argan oil but nothing has changed. I am afraid they won’t go away…I can’t live with this anymore. Please tell me what to do to get rid of them. Please help me.

Symptoms: Red,blueish stretch marks and white stretch marks

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Though stress eating may be one of the causes. One more disease can explain the symptoms you are describing. It could also be Cushing’s Disease.Cushing’s is a disease which causes weight gain and Striae in the body. The Striae will appear similar to stretch marks. You need to see a Doctor to confirm that it is indeed Cushing’s disease.I hope this helps you. All the best.