I am a 22 year old virgin My last period

Patient: I am a 22 year old virgin. My last period started on 16th Jan n ended on 23rd Jan. Me n my boyfriend were humping each other without clothes on the 2nd of February. There was no penetration no ejaculation only some possible precum around the vaginal opening. I took an emkit after 18 hours and another one after 12 hours. What are the chances of a pregnancy

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThere are very little possibilities of getting pregnant with a contact with pre-ejaculate and no ejaculation during sex, but we must not take it for granted to be no chances at all for pregnancy.Since you have already taken plan B or emergency contraception on time, it further reduces the chances of pregnancy.The chances are almost nil in your case.Kindly wait for your next cycle, in case you miss it, which is very unlikely, do a urine pregnancy test for confirming the pregnancy and act accordinglyHope this helped.Regards