I am a 22 yo woman experiencing difficulties swallowing (disphagia),

Patient: I am a 22 yo woman experiencing difficulties swallowing (disphagia), extreme muscle spasms and twitches, sometimes my mind loses its footing on words and I have a tightening below my tongue that makes it look like one side is shrunken towards my jaw bone. I’m deeply afraid that this might be some form of palsy or lou gherigs. What should I do/what could it be?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of dysphagia, muscle spasms ad twitches, tightening below the tongue a nd mind loosing its footing on words in an young female of 22.There are two types of he causes which can work together.The first is obviously somatic meaning related to the anatomic structures like neuropathy and so.Another is a Psychological factors, stress and anxiety.If both the factors are working together, this is called Psycho-somatic problem.I would advise you to consult your Doctor to clinical evaluation, actual physical examination, investigations like MRI and tests of blood and urine and a reference to the Neurologist for second opinion.This way your problems will be well diagnosed and treated.I hope this answer helps you.