I am a 23 year old healthy female I went

Patient: I am a 23 year old healthy female. I went to the hospital last night because I am in early pregnancy and I have a lot of bleeding. My right ovary measures 3.7×1.6×3.2 cm with several small follicular cyst that are present. The left ovary measures 2.9×1.6×2.1 cm. Adjacent to the left ovary is a 2.1×1.5×1.9 cm lesion that demonstrates minimal vascularity. The color Doppler and spectral wave form analysis of both ovaries reveals arterial and venous blood flow. Mild to moderate amount of fluid is seen within the cul de sac which is echogenic suggesting hemorrhagic fluid. Impressions: 1- no intrauterine pregnancy is identified. 2- 2.1 centimeter left adnexal mass. 3- mild to moderate hemorrhagic fluid in the cul de sac. 4- correlation of these findings quantitative HCG. Ectopic. What can all of this mean? I’m going to call and make a doctor appointment when the office opens but I’m so anxious. I’m still bleeding and have cramps.

Symptoms: Vaginal bleeding

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.When the fertilized ovum gets implanted and develops in a s ite other than normal uterine cavity that pregnancy is called ectopic pregnancy, means pregnancy outside the uterus.According to your description and ultrasound findings, there is possibility of ruptured ectopic pregnancy. It is a surgical emergency.So, please do consult your doctor immediately and take treatment to prevent blood loss and to avoid further complications.You may need laparoscopy or laparatomy to remove the ruptured ectopic gestational sac and to control the bleeding.Take care.