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I am a 27 year old female , no diagnosed health conditions.

Patient: I am a 27 year old female , no diagnosed health conditions and taking no medication. sinve July 2015 I have suffered on and off however present most days with trouble taking a deep breath , often have urge to yawn to help fulfill breath, feel like I’m not getting enough , sometimes worse than others , when it feels bad it’s like no air can get past my throat and It genuinely feels like I won take my next breath. The only time I get relief is during sleep , it doesn’t wake me . However very rarely. Maybe twice a month I will wake myself up when first dropping to sleep sort of doing a little snort. Doctor tested for asthma and did ecg said nothing wrong with my heart or lungs , thanks



Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD.I have read the history provided in the query and here is the list of provisional diagnosis c ausing such pains.Vit D deficiencySerum Calcium deficiencyAnemiaBlood investigations such as serum Vit D level estimation along with serum calcium an4d CBC. & ESR is to be done. Further investigations might be required after the reports of first examination.Since heart and lungs are aleady declared to be normal, most of the diseases are ruled out by that.Feel free to discuss further



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Patient: Ok thanks , I will request some blood work. It has been mentioned by my doctor it is likely my anxiety , I was diagnosed with this at age 8 and am now 27. It isn’t one of my long term symptoms of anxiety which is why I’m unsure it is.
how likely is it anxiety could cause this? I don’t feel anxious and have it much more under control than in my teenage years. I feel anxious about the fact I can’t fulfill a deep breath , sometimes my chest feels heavy too

Doctor: Hello,
I have again read your previous query and the current question, you are correct on saying anxiety can be the cause for such symptoms. Once the organic causes(mentioned above) are ruled out by blood workup then psychological causes are given a thought.
One more point from your history that you have urge to yawn in order to fulfill breath, yawing is small inspiration followed by long expiration and it doesn’t increase breath. So this points towards the psychological factors.
You can visit your treating doctor for examination and confirmation of the same.
Alternative treatment modalities for anxiety are yoga and medication, a thought and try should be given to it.
Feel free to discuss.


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