I am a 29 year old straight male who has

Patient: I am a 29 year old straight male who has discovered an uncomfortable mass on my anus. There is a large mass and a smaller one below it. I have no idea what it is and am very concerned. It is causing discomfort just to sit. Please help

I am a 29 year old straight...-1

Doctor: HiThanks for you query and a clear picture and history you have provided.Please do not worry. This is not a very se rious matter.From the picture these appear to a primary and a secondary piles (hemorrhoids), prolapsed at 2 to 4 O’clock position.I would advise you the following:1. Consult a General Surgeon for per-rectal and proctoscopy and colonoscopy examination.2. Have high fiber diet.3. Mild laxative if you have a history of constipation.Take an appointment for a small Surgery where these piles will be removed from its base and you will be cured of the problem.I hope this answer helps you. Please feel free to ask for further relevant queries or if you feel that there is a gap-of-communication.Please do not worry, this is 100 % curable.