I am a 32 year old woman and have been VERY loud.

Patient: I am a 32 year old woman & have always been VERY loud. When I talk I am the loudest person in any room I am in and often told to quiet down, speak softer, or don’t yell. This has been since childhood, for as long as I can remember.Over the last month or so I have noticed a lot of people asking me to speak up, or say what, or that they cannot hear me even though I think I am speaking like I normally would (very loud). Asking to be louder is not something that would happen to me even once a year, but now it’s gotten to several times a day in different places and different people. Is there something medical that may be causing my sudden “indoor voice”?

Doctor: HiThanks for writing to askthedoctor.com.One possibility is, as people have been giving you advice since long time to speak in low tone you might be unconsciously speaking in a low tone.Second possibility could be hearing deficits. So, to clarify that please go to an ENT physician and get the hearing test done.Third possibility could be depression.If you have symptoms like sad mood, low self-esteem, decreased interest in previously pleasurable activities, decreased psychomotor activity, sleep disturbances then please consult a Psychiatrist.Fourth possibility could be tumor. To rule out this please consult your physician.Thank you