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I am a 43 year old female 20 pounds overweight,

Patient: I am a 43 year old female. 20 pounds overweight, quite active, good diet. I have been feeling generally unwell for the last couple of months. My first symptom was extreme fatigue followed by constant pelvic pain. Three weeks ago went to Gyno and was diagnosed with PCOS – this was very obvious on the ultra sound and there was free fluid around my ovaries which lead my Gyno to believe that I had a couple of bust cysts. Went back again today after three weeks (finished a round of antibiotics) because I still have constant pelvic pain and heaviness (feel like I did when i was 9 months pregnant). She noticed that several more cysts have burst and still free fluid. I also have a micro pituitary tumour (discovered a few years ago) and went to see the endocrinologist for general hormonal check up and MRI. Did non fasting blood sugar test and it was 10, with low blood pressure (haven’t gotten results yet from bloods/mri). I also currently have gout in my hip (started two days ago), I have gain 10 pounds in the last two months and I have a very upset stomach with diarrhoea and I am still constantly exhausted. What is wrong with me. Everything seems so random and nothing seems to be caused by the same thing. Is there anything that I should be having checked that I am not already?? I am usually in extremely good health. I am on the verge of resigning from my very good job because of how I feel. Any suggestions on what might be wrong?



Symptoms: Constantly bursting ovarian cysts (Free fluid on ultrasound)- PCOS
constant pelvic pain and heaviness
weight gain
Gout in hip
upset stomach and diarrhea
High blood sugar level (non fasting is 10)
Constantly exhausted



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Yes, you do have some unrelated probl ems however the major problem of fatigue can be explained because of high blood sugar.PCOS itself can lead to high blood sugar levels which has to be controlled with Metformin. The micro pituitary tumor does not seem to play any role here.You should consult your OBGYN who can put you on Metformin. Regarding the free fluid, yes, it can be from burst cysts and it just shows that the disease was undiagnosed and there are multiple cysts making it prone to burst.Please mention your sugar levels with normal range as it can vary across laboratories. Also, your low BP can also make you feel like this. As of now, the sugar levels and PCOS has to be treated for other symptoms to be okay.Feel free to discuss further,Regards.


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