I am a 55 yr old female Woke up today

Patient: I am a 55 yr old female. Woke up today and my left foot was a little sore, on the too of my foot, near the bone …middle of got. Thought nothing of it…but as the day progredsed my foot keeps getting more swollen, pinkish red, hot and i have NO IDEA. WHY! Dididn’t twist it or dtop anything in it???? I know to look for a red line../streak up my leg and i feel that i vaguely see one…not a straight line…more zig zag. I have it elevated and on ice…should i just wait to see if it gets worse…or see if the ice and elevation help? Just dont wsnt to go to ER if its nothing. Scared…Thank you. Ive never written so curious to see if someone really hears me!