I am a gymnast, i can push my left shoulder and it pops out of its socket.

Patient: So I am 13 and I am a gymnast level 7 men’s and I can push my left shoulder and it pops out of its socket a little bit then comes back I looked online to see what I could be I think it is shoulder instability but the pain is really none well I guess for now what do you think it is

Symptoms: My symptoms are it makes a piping noise and little pain almost like it is rubbing agains something

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you could be suffering from a condition called chronic shoulder instabi lity. This is occur after the shoulder is dislocated for the first time. After this occurs, the shoulder shoulder joint may become more prone to repeated dislocations. This could be due to torn ligaments which destabilize the shoulder joint. Since you are active in gymnastics this can exacerbate these symptoms. We recommend that you refrain from this activity and have your shoulder examined by your doctor. You will need to undergo and MRI to determine if you have any torn ligaments in your shoulder. Please see your doctor.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com