I am a high school track and cross country runner.

Patient: I am a high school track and cross country runner. For almost a year now, my foot has been swollen on the side, right next to my ankle. When I stretch the muscle on the top of my foot near my toes, I feel some pain. I also feel some when I stretch the muscles on my leg above my heel. It’s not a constant pain though and it doesnt really hurt when I run. It only hurts when I stretch the mucles.

Doctor: Hi,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. Thank you for your query.You should try RICE therapy. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, C ompression and Elevation.Rest – Rest the leg. This means reducing running on the leg. You may consider doing water running which can help and keep your fitnessIce – Ice the area for 15 minutes every hour. Do this up to 5 times a day.compression – Use Crepe Bandage to tie the leg to reduce the swelling. Do not tie it too tightly to allow blood circulation.Elevation – Raise your leg over a couple of pillows to allow the blood to flow back from the leg to the heart.If your leg is not better after 1 week, please consult an Orthopedician.