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I am a male, 40 yo had a sexual encounter

Patient: I am a male, 40 yo. had a sexual encounter about a year ago and regret it. I had unprotected oral sex with a worker.I tried to forget about it and i had no alerting signs of any STD. About four months ago, my wife started having pelvic pain and heavier than usual menistural bleeding. I did not consider an std to be the cause until i started reading about it online.My wife had several Exams at several GNY specialists and non of them suspected stds.I tested my urine with a dipstick test and along with a semen analysis came negative, that is, nowbc in urine and no pus in semen. I did that test at a urologist.I am so afraid that (a) my wife has an std that caused her pid (b) that my wife knows about my wrong doing. I love her and could not live without her. I regreted what i did and will never do it again.Do i need to worry? What should i do?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting us for your health care.I can understand your concern here.First you should not take a ny stress and do not have guilt what you have done previously because you have already realized that mistake.As you had no symptoms of STD from last one year than there are less chances of STD in your case and so the chances of STD in your wife case is also very low.Your wife PID can be due to causes other than STD.But you should both go and consult with a family Physician and get yourself examined and investigation done to rule STD.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more information.Good luck.Regards



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Patient: Dear Dr.,
Thank you for the prompt and helpful answer. I wanted to also clarify a point. If both my dipstick urine sample done at a urologist clinic with immediate results that show norms and no wbc and a semen analysis showing no pus, can this mean that i am not infected with a bacteial std such as ghonorhea or chlymedia or NG infection?

Doctor: Hello,
Yes, you are right, if your urine dipstick is not showing any pus cell or wbc that means you are not infected.
But you should go for further testing to confirm the results.
Hope it is useful.
Good luck.


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