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I am a male of 30 I have been experiencing

Patient: I am a male of 30. I have been experiencing some rashes on my Penis (tip of the penis). The top half of the tip of the penis is reddish and the skin (dead skin) is coming off from it.



Symptoms: Reddish, Dead Skin coming off when dry etc.



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Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It appears that you have a rash of the head of the penis. This is a kind of rash that ca n occur because of several causes. Though I am inclined to say you have a simple rash, I can only do so with an examination. Also, there is some tortuosity of veins in the area. This makes me think it is not a simple rash.Here are 5 possibilities:AllergySTDErythroplasiaYeast infectionSome benign tumourI think that you should see a Doctor who will do a biopsy to reach the diagnosis. The diagnosis will be be based on the biopsy result. Treatment will then be either antibiotics or antivirals or a surgery to remove the lesion.Hope this helps you. All the best.

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Patient: But what test should I ask for to the doctor? Can you suggest any cream I can apply for this? I used to apply an ointment from a pharmacy i bought.. coz I thought it was yeast infection. I don’t remember the name exactly, but it had a word ‘Nyclo’ as the brand name. It was quite effective.
The last time I remember, my wife had a genital infection and we had a few sexual intercourse but was after she was treated. I assume that I would have got it from her. I am based in Kuwait and to be honest, the treatments available here is not satisfying at all. Please suggest any cream that I can apply.

Doctor: I am not absolutely sure you have an yeast infection. Get a Doctor to test you for the STD panel. This will contain:
You can try taking tablet Levocet 1 time a day for 3 days if you have itching. Monistat is the cream used for yeast infections. But I cannot confirm that you have an yeast infection. If the treatment is not good at Kuwait, consider seeing a Doctor from another place or an expat.
All the best.

Patient: Thank you for your response. Treatments in Kuwait is not even ineffective, but expensive too. So I would want to try treating myself for yeast Infection. Please confirm if Monistat is used for men too? Also, If you can clarify what are possibilities for me to get yeast infection from my wife. I remember she used Canesten cream for the treatment.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.
Monistat has miconazole. You can use it but you can also find creams with miconazole it. Canesten has Clotrimazole which is slightly different from Miconazole.
Miconazole is an anti-fungal.
All the best.


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